A Principal Health Research Officer at the Dodowa Health Research Center (DHRC). Previously, Elizabeth worked as a Data Manager and Statistician at Navrongo Health Research Centre. She was transferred to DHRC in 2007 and her responsibilities include design and implementation of studies, Data processing, analysis and writing of project reports and papers.

With Elizabeth’s background as a medical statistician, she has worked on several projects and helped with analysis of data, report and paper writing. She has also coordinated several projects in the centre
Elizabeth was also a member of INDEPTH Network Data Analyst group. She was part of the team that worked on the initial indicators for INDEPTHStats. She also coordinated and facilitated a workshop on under-five mortality clustering for 10 INDEPTH Sites which led to a production of a supplement in Global Health Action.

Elizabeth has also been a part time Lecturer with the Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control, School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana. She is at the moment coordinating field practical experience of Cross-Continental MPH students of New York University and University of Ghana School of Public Health. She also facilitates continuous professional development (CPD) workshops organised by the centre.